my life my love

my love, my life..

i love you, without thought, without anything
but, with everything
my life is lived around you..
but.. i didn't show you that
i showed you only the bad
the down
the low
i was terrible, i say to this day that i love you
but i don't think i ever even tried to show it to you..
and after all of this, we lost our heads..
and all that followed fell
its about time that i came clean.. my emotions, my thoughts, my life
these are so personal, and you blamed me for keeping it all inside
but i just couldn't let it go, i felt like i was scared
if i let it go, i would let you in
i can't let you in.. inside my head, my thoughts,
im scared of my thoughts, so to me, how would you feel or think
when faced with my thoughts
its about time.. you got sick of me
no longer fun, and so far from interesting
i think, i thought, we were young, in love..
then, it was over. from all to nothing.
the love has not faded, and i fear you were my one and only
the chance that i get, that i got..
i dream, of you, and of nothing else
but i cant dream, since i quit sleeping
you wAlk away and pretend
stop pretending.. the love is there
im sorry.. no, im not
im not sorry, i love you and i loved the days we spent together
come down and be with me, leave your pedestal...
if only everything could feel this way.. i love you
punkin pot pie, you can do and you can say
whatever you shall.. but in the end
out of your head, and out of mine, we belong together
i would take the world and invert the sky and the earth to win you back
i just wish you would give me the chance..
you were to be my wife, and i was to be you husband..
too often now, we toss away what we have..
i just wish you wouldnt toss me away, but drag me out
out of the garbage you call your old life..
i miss you, i want you, and this is honestly the last attempt i will make..
im sorry, but you said we would stay in touch, and thats all i expect, i love you, and will never stop doing so.. i just wish
we could come to a sort of level..
if absolutely nothing else, i would love to hear your voice.. after this message, unless you wish it to be different..
you will never hear frome me again.
I just wish it didn't have to be this way.. believe me i would do anthing
to get you back..
if i were told to strap a flag to myself
and march into enemy combat, i would
if only i thought i would return a hero
a hero to you, love!


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